Using LinkedIn Signal as a Job Search tool

Today I conducted a little experiment.  To prove my theory that social media will replace traditional job boards, I leveraged LinkedIn’s little known-about tool, Signal, to check for status updates from 1st and 2nd degree connections that contained words related to “job”.  My goal:  to determine if I could create my own job board showing relevant positions in my geographic location, that I could apply to directly through someone I know, vs. through a career page or “apply” link.

I’m not actually looking for a new job, but I know millions of Americans are, many of whom are tired of applying to jobs using the “black hole” approach that most company applicant tracking systems force.

Signal   LinkedIn

LinkedIn Signal Search Results

The results were as expected:  in Seattle I found 1500 status updates from people I’m either directly connected to (1st degree), or connected to through a connection (2nd degree), that contained the keyword “sales”.  The actual search string I used is:  “job OR hiring OR apply and Sales”

The point of this?  If you are an active, or even passive job seeker, try this approach a few times a month to see what positions are available through your professional network.  Obviously the results will only be a small fraction of the available jobs that fit your criteria, but it will be highly targeted and vetted:  you know that any job you see on this list will be one that you have a personal, warm connection to, and a path through the backdoor if you decide to pursue the opportunity.

To use Signal:  from the top Search field on LinkedIn, use the drop down to select “Updates” (icon looks like a dialogue bubble/box) and enter your terms into the field.