September 24, 2014

Meet Referagig in Las Vegas at the HR Tech Conference!


We are getting really excited for this year’s HR Technology Conference and can’t wait to hear about all of the latest innovations in the human resources and recruiting technology space.

Scott Weiss, Referagig Founder

Scott Weiss, Founder

If you have any plans in the next year to invest in improving your Employee Referral Program, and maybe even take it from just an ERP to a PERP (proactive employee referral program), we’d love to talk with you and share best practices. ¬†Referagig powers the PERP for a 5000+ employee national retailer and one of the nation’s fastest growing consumer lending companies. ¬†Our founder, Scott Weiss, will be on-site to share his knowledge and experience with you to get you thinking about ways you can foster a “culture of recruiting” at your company.

Please provide your contact info so we can reach out to schedule time for a coffee/drink and chat, and we will see you in Vegas!