November 3, 2016


We have a simple philosophy:  making and receiving employee referrals should be easier then easy.  If it requires any extra effort beyond sharing of information, it’s too complicated.  That’s why we’ve built Referagig to integrate directly with the tools and systems you already use.

From single sign-on to direct integration with your HRIS and ATS systems, we’ve got you covered.  With a world-class API services layer, we can easily plug in to whatever software tools you use to make your life easier, not harder.

Featured integrations:

As an iCIMS customer, you can leverage Referagig as a candidate referral portal, but process your candidates directly in iCIMS as you normally would.


  • Receive and process referrals in iCIMS
  • Run “candidate source” reports in iCIMS
  • Jobs posted in iCIMS are sent to Referagig for social sharing by referrers
  • Candidate workflow status updates are shared with Referagig and referrers are notified of changes

Learn more about our integration with iCIMS here.