September 20, 2014


[feature title=”Web-Based” icon=”fa-laptop”]

No software to install, Referagig works on any internet browser.


[feature title=”Turbo-Charged Referrals” icon=”fa-rocket”]

Increase the # of qualified referrals you receive for current and future job openings.


[feature title=”Integrations” icon=”fa-retweet”]

We have integration capabilities with all major HR technology solutions.


[feature title=”Search Capabilities” icon=”fa-search”]

Quickly identify the referral data you want with powerful search and reporting capabilities.


[feature title=”Notification Tools” icon=”fa-wrench”]

Keep employees posted on the status of their referrals every step of the way.


[feature title=”Document Management” icon=”fa-file”]

Whether your employees are passing along resumes in PDF or TIFF format, we have you covered.


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