Using Employee Referrals to grow your sales team

It’s no secret that employee referrals often lead to great hires.  Now more then ever, talent acquisition professionals are investing in their referral programs to generate more qualified employee referred candidates for their job openings. Of all departments within an organization, sales seems the most ripe for this approach.  After all, good sales people likely Read more about Using Employee Referrals to grow your sales team[…]

Review of LinkedIn Recruiter Corporate Edition

I have been an avid LinkedIn user since 2005, using the system as a means to drive both the recruiting and business development aspects of my business.  A few years back I upgraded to a Premium account at $99/month which gave me a couple of core features:  InMails, and Profile Organizer.  I felt pretty confident I had all I needed on a budget I could live with, but then I heard about LinkedIn Recruiter Corporate Edition, and felt compelled to take a look. […]