How to use your Social Media accounts to quickly land job interviews at the companies you want to work for

Regardless of your line of work, whether its driving a truck, cooking food in a restaurant, preparing tax returns, writing software, stocking shoes – you probably can list off the top of your head 3-5 companies you’d love to work for.  Create a list of the top companies you want to work for, just off the top of your head, if you can think of that many.  If you can’t, don’t fret, because quickly you’ll have a list of plenty to choose from. […]

The Future of Job Search is Social

Social media has impacted most aspects of our lives – we now not only have our friends, family and professional colleagues available to us at the touch of a button on whatever device we are using; we also know a lot about the people were are connected to:  what they do, where they do it, who they do it with.  Much more then we ever did before social media sites made it so easy to share so much (often times too much) about ourselves with the people around us.

We are more likely to first read a news headline on Twitter or Facebook then we are a newspaper, media website or TV, and naturally so – where else but social media can we engage in conversation and debate over issues without leaving the comforts of wherever we are.  Social media is where two great forces collide in real-time:  information and our personal/professional lives. […]

Using LinkedIn Signal as a Job Search tool

Today I conducted a little experiment.  To prove my theory that social media will replace traditional job boards, I leveraged LinkedIn’s little known-about tool, Signal, to check for status updates from 1st and 2nd degree connections that contained words related to “job”.  My goal:  to determine if I could create my own job board showing Read more about Using LinkedIn Signal as a Job Search tool[…]