The Startup Recruiting Podcast

It was recently brought to our attention that Lorraine Buhannic, the (former) VP of Talent Acquisition for AppNexus, a Referagig customer, was interviewed last year for The Startup Recruiting Podcast, where she spoke about the impending launch of Referagig to track and manage AppNexus’s employee referral program. In the interview, Lorraine talks about all of Read more about The Startup Recruiting Podcast[…]

Employer Branding and Purple Cows

Companies serious about upgrading their employer brand and employer branding strategies generally start with reputation sites like Glassdoor and Indeed, and rightfully so, seeing as those sites aggregate reviews and ratings that generate a star ranking, much like a restaurant, on the desirability of your firm for prospective employees. But what if you want to Read more about Employer Branding and Purple Cows[…]

Employee Referral Programs: Why Gamification Matters

Gamification is one of the more common objectives we hear on the wishlists of prospective customers when we are talking with them about our Employee Referral software.  If recruiting departments are going to pay a referral bonus to their employees who refer candidates that are successfully hired, why would they need to also be concerned Read more about Employee Referral Programs: Why Gamification Matters[…]

Using Employee Referrals to grow your sales team

It’s no secret that employee referrals often lead to great hires.  Now more then ever, talent acquisition professionals are investing in their referral programs to generate more qualified employee referred candidates for their job openings. Of all departments within an organization, sales seems the most ripe for this approach.  After all, good sales people likely Read more about Using Employee Referrals to grow your sales team[…]

5 ways you know you are ready for a formal Employee Referral Program

As a talent acquisition leader or practitioner, it’s your job to help meet the needs of your growing organization by insuring a healthy pipeline of candidates that possess the skill sets (and personality) needed to run your company. With unemployment rates low and good talent hard to find, your work becomes increasingly more challenging as Read more about 5 ways you know you are ready for a formal Employee Referral Program[…]

5 Consistent Facts About Hiring Through Employee Referral Networks

Four academic professionals recently published an exhaustive research paper on Employee Referrals.  The paper makes an incredibly strong case for employee referral programs and uses data-driven thinking to illustrate this.  Using unique personnel data from nine large firms in three industries, the researchers document five consistent facts about hiring through employee referral networks: […]

Employee Referral Tracking Can Be Dead Simple

If you are like most talent acquisition professionals, you receive referrals from employees in a variety of ways (via email, phone, direct conversation) and use spreadsheets to do the tracking.  A typical scenario works like this: Your employee tells you about someone they used to work with that might be a good fit for an Read more about Employee Referral Tracking Can Be Dead Simple[…]

Don’t Fall Victim to the “ERP Killers”

Job Board Dependency

In a perfect world, hiring managers would never have to look further then their own employees for candidate referrals when new positions at their companies become available.  Every job opening would be filled by a friend of a friend, and only candidates that can be vouched for by a current employee on day one would be granted an interview.  You’d fill 100% of your positions with employee referrals and spend on average $3000 per hire vs. $8000 or more.  Your company would be one big happy family of people who all knew each other before they joined your firm. […]

Employee Referral Programs – why they matter

Its safe to say that every company/business has its own ERP (Employee Referral Program), whether formal or informal, that they promote to varying degrees at various times.  Larger companies with hundreds of open positions, in some cases, have a full-time employee dedicated to running and optimizing their ERP (Twitter recently posted a job description for this role).  Smaller companies that hire a few people a year often rely on their employees to refer candidates for those positions, with hiring managers reminding their staff at every team meeting to think about “who they know” for an open position. […]