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Referral Programs — Not Just for Employees

Today I received an email from Brittany at SoftwareAdvice, a great company that we’ve known about over the years as a trusted resource for customers seeking to navigate the options of vertically-specific software vendors in the HR market.  Simply put, they sell very high-value leads to select software vendors, which they acquire by offering extremely thorough insight Read more about Referral Programs — Not Just for Employees[…]

Avoiding “Offer Rejection”

Enough years in the recruiting business and enough missed placement opportunities by mishandling the offer scenario has taught me to be patient making job offers. In a tight market for talent, companies want to move top candidates through the hiring process quickly and try to lock the candidate down before competitors do. But first in Read more about Avoiding “Offer Rejection”[…]

Creative Ways to Distribute Your Job Postings

Not everyone can afford (or wants to pay) $300 or more to post a job on one of the premier job boards like LinkedIn, Monster or CareerBuilder, and few recruiters (outside of agencies) have the time to pro-actively mine resume databases for talent.  Given this, what are some creative and unique ways to distribute your job postings to increase the flow of candidates into your applicant tracking system? […]

Don’t Fall Victim to the “ERP Killers”

Job Board Dependency

In a perfect world, hiring managers would never have to look further then their own employees for candidate referrals when new positions at their companies become available.  Every job opening would be filled by a friend of a friend, and only candidates that can be vouched for by a current employee on day one would be granted an interview.  You’d fill 100% of your positions with employee referrals and spend on average $3000 per hire vs. $8000 or more.  Your company would be one big happy family of people who all knew each other before they joined your firm. […]

Review of LinkedIn Recruiter Corporate Edition

I have been an avid LinkedIn user since 2005, using the system as a means to drive both the recruiting and business development aspects of my business.  A few years back I upgraded to a Premium account at $99/month which gave me a couple of core features:  InMails, and Profile Organizer.  I felt pretty confident I had all I needed on a budget I could live with, but then I heard about LinkedIn Recruiter Corporate Edition, and felt compelled to take a look. […]

Employee Referral Programs – why they matter

Its safe to say that every company/business has its own ERP (Employee Referral Program), whether formal or informal, that they promote to varying degrees at various times.  Larger companies with hundreds of open positions, in some cases, have a full-time employee dedicated to running and optimizing their ERP (Twitter recently posted a job description for this role).  Smaller companies that hire a few people a year often rely on their employees to refer candidates for those positions, with hiring managers reminding their staff at every team meeting to think about “who they know” for an open position. […]