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Receive, manage and process candidate referrals in your ATS, generate referral payout reports, create recruitment marketing campaigns, and more.

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Everything you need to run your employee referral program.


No software to install, Referagig works on any internet browser.

Turbo-Charged Referrals

Increase the # of qualified referrals you receive for current and future job openings.


We have integration capabilities with all major HR technology solutions.

Search Capabilities

Quickly identify the referral data you want with powerful search and reporting capabilities.

Notification Tools

Keep employees posted on the status of their referrals every step of the way.

Document Management

Whether your employees are passing along resumes in PDF or TIFF format, we have you covered.

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We have a simple philosophy:  making and receiving employee referrals should be easier then easy.  If it requires any extra effort beyond sharing of information, it’s too complicated.

That’s why we’ve built Referagig to integrate directly with the tools and systems you already use.

From single sign-on to direct integration with your HRIS and ATS systems, we’ve got you covered.  With a world-class API services layer, we can easily plug in to whatever software tools you use to make your life easier, not harder.

Featured integrations:


As an iCIMS customer, you can leverage Referagig as a candidate referral portal, but process your candidates directly in iCIMS as you normally would.


Learn more about our integration with iCIMS here.

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Referagig Overview from Referagig



Built by Recruiters

Referagig was designed and built by experienced recruiters who understand what it takes to engage employees in your recruiting efforts.

Easy to Customize

We understand that Employee Referral Programs are not one-size-fits-all, so we made it easy to customize Referagig to your specific needs.

Device Agnostic

Regardless of the device you are using, as long as you can access the internet, you can use Referagig.

Always On

Our system keeps your employees updated on the status of their referrals every step of the way.

Social Media-Ready

Leverage Employees as “Brand Advocates” and encourage social sharing of job openings and other content related to hiring.

Employee Advocacy

Referagig amplifies your employment brand by giving your most trusted authority, your employees, tools to “spread the gospel”.


Scott Weiss

Scott Weiss created a web application to help grow his technical recruiting business, and recognized an opportunity to deliver seamless employee referral and social media recruiting software to talent acquisitions teams, and thus, Referagig was born.

Having run a professional recruiting firm of his own, and worked in the recruiting/hiring business for the better part of 10 years, our Founder realized he could help companies learn to do what he does everyday – network to help attract great talent into their organizations. Realizing that any company’s employees are the best source of advocacy, he set out to create a system that would help organizations take their employee referral programs to the next level.

Taking advantage of the availability of social media in the enterprise, and every employee’s “social rolodex”, we built Referagig as a simple web-based employee engagement tool, where employees can find jobs to share with their networks, introduce candidates to company recruiters and hiring managers, and most importantly, stay informed on the effects of their efforts every step of the way.

The story of Referagig is only just beginning – we are proud to live at the intersection of talent acquisition and employee advocacy, and look forward to talking with you about ways we can help your company inspire your employees to be your best advocates.


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